Yayane Verbuyt

Yayane-VerbuytMARIANNE YAYANE VERBUYT is a teacher and educator with a passion for transmitting knowledge. After more than two decades working within some of the most renowned scholoastic institutions in Europe and the United States, as a co-author of the book, “Apprendre malgré le handicap ou la maladie” and as the primary educator highlighted in the acclaimed documentary, “Sur la route couleur de sable”, Marianne decided to apply all of her pedagogical experience to understanding the mechanisms of learning in her book 105 Essential or Fundamental French Verbs. Integrating feedback from her many students, she figured out a coherent and innovative way to communicate the complexities of the French language to a non-French speaker. The simple and graphic aesthetic of this manual is intended to transform the student into a powerful participant in his or her own learning process.